When my heart is at rest, my homeschool is at rest. 

Who I am impacts my family more than what I do. This truth can lead me to despair because I know the true state of my heart. Worry, overwhelm, selfishness. If the environment of my family depends on me, we’re all in trouble.

But I refuse to settle for despair.

Our homeschool environment is not all on my shoulders. I will not despair because my Victorious Warrior is in our midst. My hope for rest is found in Jesus. He will lead my family to victory and rest.

Seek Jesus first.

This is the only commitment with power to infuse rest in our homeschools.

Jesus can transform your heart so you can be a restful influence in your family.

As your heart becomes more restful, you will become aware of Him infusing rest in your homeschool.

Only one commitment is needed for a restful homeschool

Commit to a 21 day journey.

You can resolve to seek Jesus. Your heart can be more restful. Your homeschool can be transformed.

But Jesus gave us one another for the journey. Will you join me?

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Only one commitment is needed for a restful homeschool

Never underestimate the potential power in simple steps.

There’s nothing magical, so don’t expect instant, perfect rest. Perfect rest comes in Heaven.

But don’t give up on high expectations either.

We serve a God who can do “far more abundantly beyond all we can ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20) So prepare yourself to pray some big requests.

Resolve to seek Jesus first for the impossible:

A Restful Homeschool

The one commitment you need to infuse rest in your homeschool this year.