What is your response to the phrase A Restful Homeschool?
  • Impossible! Experience has taught me rest and homeschooling are mutually exclusive.
  • I’m trying! When I find the right plan, curriculum and routine, we will be restful.
  • If they would only… If my children would stop fighting. If my husband would be more involved. If only…Then my homeschool could be restful.
  • Maybe, just maybe. I think a restful homeschool is possible, but I’m not sure how to get there.
  • I want more! I have glimpsed restful moments, and I crave more of them.
  • That’s us. We have journeyed through seasons, but we have learned rest is possible in the midst of life.
Regardless of your initial reaction, I invite you on a journey.

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The journey begins with a dream. It’s a journey of craving something beyond our current reality. It’s a journey of realizing our homeschools can grow more restful. It’s a journey of allowing myself to be changed because Mom’s restful heart is the key to a restful homeschool.

Who I am impacts my family more than what I do. When my heart is at rest, my family is much more likely to also be at rest. This truth can lead me to despair because I know the true state of my heart. Worry, overwhelm, selfishness. If the environment of my family depends on me, we’re all in trouble.

But I refuse to settle for despair. Our homeschool environment is not all on my shoulders. I will not despair because my Victorious Warrior is in our midst. My hope for rest is found in Him. He will lead my family to victory and rest.

Thus, only one commitment has the power to infuse rest in our homeschools.

Seek Jesus First

He can transform your heart so you can be a restful influence in your family. As your heart becomes more restful, you will become aware of Him infusing rest in your homeschool. Continue on the journey of seeking Him first and watch for His victory.

He is our source of restful hearts.

The one commitment you need to infuse rest in your homeschool this year.

Seek Jesus first – What does it mean?

It sounds too simple. Perhaps the idea that Jesus can transform your homeschool by transforming your heart seems more like the correct Sunday School answer. But it is truth. “Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33

In Matthew 6, Jesus offered a solution to the problem of worry – worry of clothes and food. Focusing first on God’s kingdom and righteousness, found in Jesus, would be followed by all these things being cared for. As homeschool moms, we wrestle many of all these things. If God can handle provision of clothing and food, He can also handle math lessons, transcripts and unruly students.

Seek. To look for in order to find. To go in search of. To seek by meditating, reasoning or thinking. To ask for. To try to discover.

Jesus. Talk to Him. Read His Word. Worship His Name. Sing His praise. Tell others about Him. Reflect Him to your children.

First. When you wake in the morning. Before you pour coffee. As you sleepily pick up the baby. Before responding to the text. When fussing erupts during read-aloud time. As students whine and complain over worksheets. Before you explain place value for the 100th time. As you hand over the car keys.

Seek Jesus first – Why should I commit?

It’s a simple solution. But this solution requires your commitment. Jesus wants to change your heart and transform your homeschool, but you must make a decision. Why should you commit to seeking Jesus first?

Because Jesus has offered you an invitation. He has offered you the gift of rest. “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28 Your commitment to seek Him will influence many people.

For yourself. Moms, you invest your life to serve everyone around you. They may not see your tireless efforts, but God does. In the midst of everything, He cares for your heart. He wants you to be restful because He intimately loves you.

For your family. “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” This phrase causes me to cringe because I know it’s true. My attitude largely determines the environment in my home. When my heart is restful, my family is blessed.

For Jesus. Rest can only be found in His presence. He invites you to come to Him because He wants you close to Himself. Jesus wants your heart to be restful because a restful heart is evidence of being near to Him.

Seek Jesus first – How can I seek? 

It’s a simple instruction. But in the reality of homeschool days, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Homeschool moms crave restful homeschool environments. But is it possible we’re not in a place of rest because we are chasing a fleeting rest rather than true heart rest?

A truly restful heart only comes from Jesus Himself. He invites us to Himself and offers rest, but He gives us three action items in this journey.

Seek Rest in a Person. “Come to Me.” Where are you seeking rest? Perhaps in calm children, a clean home or a blog-worthy activity? True heart rest only comes through being close to Jesus Himself.

Receive Rest as a Gift. “I will give you rest.” How are you trying to create rest? Perhaps through better plans, expert organization and new curriculum? True heart rest cannot be created, rather rest must be received.

Cultivate Rest through a Journey. “Take My yoke upon you, and learn from Me.” When do you want rest? Right now, if you’re like me. Our culture tempts us to expect instant gratification in all things. However, the rest we crave is not met immediately. True heart rest is learned through a process, a journey with Jesus.

Seek Jesus first – With others

Commit to a 21 day journey.

You can resolve to seek Jesus. Your heart can be more restful. Your homeschool can be transformed. But Jesus gave us one another for the journey.

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Each day will include:
  • God’s Word – We will focus on how God says we can seek Him.
  • A Heart Challenge – We will take one practical step to draw close to Jesus and build a habit of seeking Him first.
  • A Homeschool Prayer – We will pray through our homeschools, one unrestful area at a time, and wait for God to work.
A glimpse into our 21 days:
  • Day 3 – We will anticipate what God can do in the problems resolutions cannot fix.
  • Day 6 – We will enter God’s presence by following two simple instructions.
  • Day 8 – We will admit our weaknesses and learn how weakness is a key to rest.
  • Day 15 – We will demolish our insecurity to approach God’s throne.
  • Day 19 – We will surrender any invisible walls keeping us apart from Jesus.

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Common areas of homeschool unrest we will pray through:
  • Sibling relationships
  • Daily routines
  • House organization
  • Family vision
  • Extended family issues
  • Life disruptions
  • Chronic problems
Never underestimate the potential power in simple steps.

There’s nothing magical, so don’t expect instant, perfect rest. Perfect rest comes in Heaven.

But don’t give up on high expectations either. We serve a God who can do “far more abundantly beyond all we can ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20) So prepare yourself to pray some big requests.

Resolve to seek Jesus first for the impossible:

A Restful Homeschool

The one commitment you need to infuse rest in your homeschool this year.

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