“Pray without ceasing.”

I want to. But I don’t.

I love the times when I get alone with God to soak in His Word and be refreshed in His presence. I crave that rest.

In the midst of a mom’s busy days, extended moments alone with Lord are a rare luxury. 

We need rest in the midst of our messes.

Daniel offers a model of how we can build habits of seeking rest in God’s presence in the midst of any circumstance.

“(Daniel) continued kneeling on his knees three times a day, praying and giving thanks before his God, as he had been doing previously.”

Daniel 6:10b

In the midst of hardship, and against Nebuchadnezzar’s decree, Daniel continued his habit. He prayed consistently throughout his day.

Habit and consistency kept Daniel focused on God who gives rest despite circumstances.

You can build the same consistency to maintain focus on God.

Talking to God – throughout your day, in the midst of your struggles, despite the situation – cultivates rest by keeping you focused. You can plant a seed of rest by intentionally building a habit of prayer.

A simple suggestion from Ann Voskamp has transformed my days. “Make hard, complete stops at set times throughout the day to pray. Otherwise you’re risking a crash. 9, 12, 3, on the hour, might be times to set an a gentle, chime alarm for – and just stop and pray.”

So I schedule prayer stops.

At night, I set alarms on my phone for the next day. When the alarm chimes, I stop just for a moment and talk to God. I thank Him for my current situation. I ask for wisdom, guidance, grace. I refocus. My heart receives a bit of rest. And I continue with the day.

Try it. Right now. Set an alarm. When it beeps, stop to pray. Then try it again.

How might your heart grow more restful by scheduling moments to pray throughout your day?

(one bonus: I’m giving my children an example of dependence on the Lord as they often silence my alarm and remind me it is time for my prayer stop.)

Today’s Seed of Rest

Schedule your prayer stops.

Simple. Choose your times. When do you anticipate being weak or distracted?

Set an alarm. When it chimes, pause and pray about whatever is going on at that moment.

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