Let’s be honest.

Some days, planting seeds of rest is just a bit overwhelming. 

Yes, I firmly believe we can plant seeds of rest in the natural realm then watch God supernaturally grow those seeds into restful hearts.

There are days when I feel propelled by the Holy Spirit. There is a strength that overtakes me, and I am surprised by His fruit that flows through me. I know the God of the universe is alive in me, and I’m ready to engage the battle.

But some days…

I am overwhelmed by my humanness. I am frail and finite. I am all too aware of my weakness and weariness.

It’s all I can do to remind myself to just breathe.

As I breathe, I can still whisper a prayer of praise.

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.”

Psalm 150:6

I declare now. As long as I have breath, I will praise.

When I am overwhelmed, I will stop and remember to breathe. With that breath, I will remember from Whom that breath comes.

On the overwhelming days, you too can take a moment to just breathe.

With that breath, whisper praise.

Today’s Seed of Rest

Whisper praise as you breathe.

Give yourself a moment, just a moment, to do nothing but breathe. Inhale deeply. Pause. Exhale slowly.

And praise your Lord.

Trust that God will use this simplest of seeds to cultivate rest deep in your heart.