Old news, moms. You are not superwoman. You are not supposed to be superwoman. I think moms in general are doing well fighting against our culture’s message that you should be and do everything.

Are we forgetting that God intends for us to accomplish God-sized tasks?

He does call us to do things that are beyond ourselves. So that we learn greater dependence on Him. So that our faith increases as we watch Him work on our behalf.

But we cannot accomplish God-sized mission without the proper pillars of support.

A True Calling

Are you chasing a God-dream or a me-dream? If you’re not sure the mission in your heart is from Him, step back and ask for His dream to unfold in your heart.

Proper Perspective

God-sized tasks often look insignificant in the world’s sight. Getting up with the baby night after night? That’s a task beyond natural human strength. Calmly correcting a child with repeated tantrums? God-sized task. Keeping your mouth shut? That might be the mark of a true superwoman.

The Right Season

Sometimes, God places dreams in our heart and asks us to wait before acting on them. In the meantime, focus on the task He has given you for right now.


Moses certainly received a super-human task: Lead the Israelites out of Egypt and through battles toward freedom.

But it was not a one man show. In one battle against the Amalekites, the Israelites prevailed as long as he kept his hands raised. Problem? Moses wasn’t superman either. He needed support. Aaron and Hur provided a place to sit and supported his hands. Israel won the battle. (Exodus 17)

Who is supporting you today?

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