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Rest for Home Educators

Ten Restful Thought Patterns for the Homeschool Mom – Part 2

Five thought patterns that have renewed my mind, things I tell myself repeatedly as a home educator, are: Know your why Invite God into your school Limit your priorities Allow the academic gaps Focus on discipleship Read more about those in Part… Continue Reading →

Ten Restful Thought Patterns for the Homeschool Mom

There is rest in repetition. The waves crashed on the sand. Row after row rolled in to the shore. Occasionally, a wave would overtake the one in front of it. The crashing was constant. Another wave was constantly rolling in from a distance…. Continue Reading →

How to Be an A+ Mom

School is back in session. My lesson plans are ready (at least in my head if not completely on paper). Notebooks and supplies are clean and ready for a fresh start (well, mostly clean). The long, lazy days of summer… Continue Reading →

Rest for the Home Educator – An Introduction

Home education is not about the children. Well, I suppose it is a little. Ok, maybe a lot. But the longer I homeschool, the more I realize this home education journey I am navigating is not just about my students. It is… Continue Reading →

Favorite Resources: An Introduction

In my seven years of homeschooling, I have attended many homeschool conventions with vendor halls. The first time I visited? Completely overwhelming! There is an abundance of resources we could choose, and there are so many good choices. But when… Continue Reading →

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