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Rest for Home Educators

How to Gain Victory in your Homeschool Battle

Now it came about it a land far away, a long time ago, the sons of Moab and the sons of Ammon, together with some of the Meunites, came to make war against Jehoshaphat, king of Judah. The message was… Continue Reading →

3 Hidden Blessings from Homeschooling with Chronic Illness

Another day in the recliner. Another day of haphazard meals. Another day of lesson plans left unchecked. Another day of excessive tv. Another day of constant mental struggle. Do you ever wonder if homeschooling when Mom has a chronic illness… Continue Reading →

3 Truths God Sees When You Feel Invisible

“There’s apparently a secret club.” My heart sank as another mom relayed the woes of our young students at co-op. My child was the instigator. Her child was not allowed in the club. Her child was in tears. Mine was… Continue Reading →

Equipped and Confident

Bows slung across their shoulders. Quivers bulged with arrows. The archers of Israel’s tribe of Ephraim stood ready for battle. After years of training, the time had come. They were trained. They were equipped. They were skilled. They were ready… Continue Reading →

How to Escape the Mental Weight of Homeschool Life

Awake in the middle of the night. Again. Thoughts ravage my weary mind as I desperately seek the safety of sleep. Needs and expectations of others overwhelm my sleepless self. I need to… I should have… I haven’t… I still… Continue Reading →

The Restful Homeschool Resolution

What is your response to the phrase A Restful Homeschool? Impossible! Experience has taught me rest and homeschooling are mutually exclusive. I’m trying! When I find the right plan, curriculum and routine, we will be restful. If they would only… If my… Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Restful Homeschool Middle School

Homeschooling Middle School…I have been there for several years. Wow, this is hard! I frequently question whether homeschooling is really the best plan for my children’s education. God continues to remind me that yes, this is His plan for us…. Continue Reading →

Five Surprising Benefits in my Journey of Asking Questions

Which book has influenced me the most as woman, mom, and homeschool teacher? Easy answer…the Bible. Beyond this Sunday School answer, The Question by Leigh Bortins has truly changed the way I teach, parent, and live. I have read many books… Continue Reading →

Rest for your Homeschool Priority

There’s so much to do… At any given moment during my homeschool day, I could choose from at least ten different things to do. Scramble an egg. Swap the laundry. Read with my son. Pick up the Lego. Teach a… Continue Reading →

Rest for Your Homeschool Plan

If I could only… If I could only create the perfect lesson plan… If I could only craft the ideal schedule… If I could only choose the right curriculum… Then, we could have a restful homeschool. Have you ever heard… Continue Reading →

Dear Homeschool Mom Fretting Over Math Curriculum

Dear Homeschool Mom fretting over math curriculum, Oh friend, I feel your pain! If we could sit with a cup of coffee and chat, we might find that our stories are rather similar. We searched, studied, researched and thought we… Continue Reading →

Restful Teaching: Myth or Reality?

Is the idea of teaching from a state of rest an unattainable myth for homeschoolers? Numerous home educators, including myself, have been asking themselves that question. It just sounds too good to be true. Homeschool. Rest. Can those words peacefully coexist in… Continue Reading →

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