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September 2017

Accept the Gift of Rest

There’s a funny thing about gifts. They are not intended to only be given. They must also be received or accepted. It’s the same with rest. Moms crave rest. We are often weary, overwhelmed, anxious. Deep down, we know God has something better for… Continue Reading →

Pillars for God-Sized Dreams

Old news, moms. You are not superwoman. You are not supposed to be superwoman. I think moms in general are doing well fighting against our culture’s message that you should be and do everything. Are we forgetting that God intends… Continue Reading →

How to Succeed in Today’s Work

What work is on your agenda today? How can you ensure success? Believe that you are the creation of God’s work. Ephesians 2:10a – “For we are His workmanship.” Remember that your work doesn’t save you. Ephesians 2:8-9 – “For… Continue Reading →

Rest for your Homeschool Priority

There’s so much to do… At any given moment during my homeschool day, I could choose from at least ten different things to do. Scramble an egg. Swap the laundry. Read with my son. Pick up the Lego. Teach a… Continue Reading →

Boomerang Encouragement

Love your neighbor as yourself. But do you ever love your neighbor more than yourself? Do you ever encourage a friend with truth but neglect to listen to that truth for yourself? I often hear myself giving advice, perspective, or… Continue Reading →

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