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July 2017

Five Minute Friday: INSPIRE

I have been inspired to try something new. Five Minute Friday is a weekly blog linkup with a one word writing prompt. The challenge is to set a timer for five minutes, write on the topic, then stop. Stopping might… Continue Reading →

Rest for Your Homeschool Plan

If I could only… If I could only create the perfect lesson plan… If I could only craft the ideal schedule… If I could only choose the right curriculum… Then, we could have a restful homeschool. Have you ever heard… Continue Reading →

Savoring Summer

Something deep inside me wants to scream, “But I haven’t even had a break!“ This phrase has haunted me recently as I hear similar refrains from other moms. Summer has barely begun, and yet it is almost over. As July… Continue Reading →

Getting Back Up

My heart stopped as the horse fell. My daughter gracefully slid from the stirrups and rolled away. Thankfully, she was fine except for a bit of soreness. But how would she respond? Fear stood ready to rob her of her… Continue Reading →

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