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January 2016

How to Effortlessly Be the Best Mom Ever

Do you want to be the best mom ever? Ok, best might be a stretch. Maybe you would be content to be an extraordinary mom and not claim the superlative of best. Perhaps you just want to feel like you… Continue Reading →

What Rest is Not

For the busy mom, rest sounds appealing. But that is not merely because you are tired. You want to live with a heart at rest, so that you can minister to your family and carry out the calling God has… Continue Reading →

2 (not-so-simple) Steps to Cling to Jesus

You want to live with a soul at rest. You understand that growing in rest is a process. So you ask yourself three questions to foster rest. Yes, you see the spiritual battle behind the external battles in your home…. Continue Reading →

3 Questions to Foster Rest for Your Soul

Apparently, something about the words “rest” and “trench” resonates with you. I bet it is more the word “rest” that sounds appealing. You desire to have a deep rest, a deep peace, in your soul. But it seems elusive. But… Continue Reading →

A New Beginning

Welcome to my official launch for Rest in the Trench! Yes, I have been posting for 21 days. But now, I am ready to really begin making my dream a reality. Please continue reading below, or read My Special Invitation… Continue Reading →

21 Days of Prayer-Day 21

I have never liked the end of a trip or vacation. Vivid memories still linger for me from when I was a young child. I remember a sinking feeling deep inside as we drove out of our annual beach condominium… Continue Reading →

21 Days of Prayer-Day 20

Day 20 of seeking God more intentionally than usual. Are you feeling a bit closer to Him that before? Yes? Then it’s time to rejoice! It is time to celebrate all that He has done. Thank Him for the ways… Continue Reading →

21 Days of Prayer-Day 19

By now, I hope you have realized this 21 days of prayer is about far more than just bringing our requests before God. It is about drawing near to Jesus Himself. Intentional, focused time of prayer is about being in… Continue Reading →

21 Days of Prayer-Day 18

Does this word completely confuse you? What in the world can “calibrate” have to do with prayer? For me, a little bit everything. This one word defines what occurs in my life during an intentional season of 21 days of… Continue Reading →

21 Days of Prayer-Day 17

I like to succeed. When I put effort into doing something, failure is the last result I desire to see. Every single day, I work toward many goals, and I want good to come out of them. A few years… Continue Reading →

21 Days of Prayer-Day 16

We can boldly approach God’s throne because we approach in the Name of Jesus, as discussed yesterday.  Yet, when we approach Him, what are we supposed to actually say? As an introvert, thinking of what to say can be difficult… Continue Reading →

21 Days of Prayer-Day 15

In my human nature, my personality is not characterized by boldness. My tendency is more toward fear, insecurity, and timidity. That tendency used to spill over into my prayer life. My prayers were hesitant. I resisted asking for fear that… Continue Reading →

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