Just a few days ago, there was tragedy in Las Vegas. Friends and families attended a concert for an evening of enjoyment. Within moments, lives were changed forever. Nearly 60 lives are gone. Nearly 500 injured. Thousands personally devastated by tragedy. Countless more wondering “Why…What if…What’s next?” while watching the news coverage.

How can our hearts rest in a world filled with tragedy and crisis?

Is your heart anxious watching the news? Have you been touched personally by tragedy? Is your family in the midst of crisis?

It may not sound as devastating as a mass shooting. But the effects on your heart are just as real. Trouble in your world is always a tragedy to your heart.

There is no quick fix for a heart seeking rest during turmoil.

But we have not been left alone in the midst of trouble-filled world.

“These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33

Jesus gave His Word, a message of comfort, for times of trouble.

He spoke these words just before His disciples walked through great tragedy of their leader being crucified.

  • Jesus has overcome this world of tragedy.
  • Jesus has given us His Word so that we can have peace.

The only way you can survive crisis and maintain any semblance of rest in your heart is through worship.

  • Know that Jesus has overcome – even if it does not make sense.
  • Remember the Word He has spoken – even if they do not feel true.
  • Worship Him in the midst – even if your heart resists.

Moms, this will require some courage.

A Song in your Night might be exactly what you need to survive.

Worship in the midst. Worship through the tragedy. Begin to glimpse the rest He promised.

Today’s Seed of Rest

Choose to worship in your current trouble.

What is troubling your heart today? News of someone else’s tragedy? A death or diagnosis? Tragedy or crisis?

Declare that Jesus has overcome.

Speak a specific reminder to yourself from His Word.

Lift His Name high in worship.

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