My alarm was not my friend this morning.

I’m sure you understand the desire to snuggle back under the covers, for just one more minute. But, today, I did not do it. Part of my fast (denying my flesh what it wants in favor of strengthening my spirit) is skipping sleeping in. Getting up early. Early. Making my prayer time priority each day.

So I got out of bed.

But my mind and heart still were not ready for a focused time of prayer. I read my Bible. God’s Word is always good. But I still wasn’t feeling it.

What made the difference for me?


I turned up the music (in my headphones, because this is not the time to wake my kids). I sang along. I willed myself to worship, to declare the truth of who God is.

Slowly, my heart joined in.

My time of worship and prayer became enjoyable. I absolutely would not trade the time I had with the Lord this morning for more time under my covers.

Worship has not always been part of my daily quiet time. But over the years, it has become the heart of my daily time with God. I typically start my prayer time with one song of worship, then I keep the music playing while I pray. I move between talking with God about specific prayer items and singing along to focus my heart on Him.

As I step into action, worship carries my prayer time through the day. After everyone is awake, I turn the music on in the kitchen. My kids can tell when it’s a rough day for me, because I cling to a song and play it over and over. They frequently get annoyed with the repetition, but I tell them to trust me…it really is good for them for me to refocus my heart.

Perhaps worship is already part of your daily devotion routine. Perhaps not.

Do you want to include a simple habit that could transform your heart?

I highly recommend turning up the music.

“I will give thanks to the Lord according to His righteousness and will sing praise to the name of the Lord Most High.”

Psalm 7:17 (NASB)

Worshiping the Lord should never be dependent on our feelings. They are way too fickle. Our worship is to be according to His righteousness. His righteousness is truth whether our feelings agree or not. Always.

will give thanks…

will sing praise…

Let’s command our hearts to give thanks and to sing praise today.

Our choice to worship is one more step in drawing close to the One who can bring rest to our souls. Seek Him first, and all these things will be added to you.

Worship is one small step toward a restful homeschool.


Today’s Heart Challenge:

Turn up the music

Choose a worship song. Turn it on. Sing along. (Yes, out loud!)

If your heart, like mine, needs a little help today to give God thanks and sing His praise, then turn up the music.

While you’re praising Jesus…

Praise His Name that you are asking Him to reveal to you (Day 4)

Talk with Him about your requests where you anticipate Him working (Day 3).

Today’s Homeschool Prayer:

Students’ Hearts and Attitudes

Do you students’ attitudes lead your heart away from rest? Whining and complaining, Laziness and stubbornness, Pride and insecurity. Have you considered how the state of your own heart affects how you respond to the sinfulness of your children’s hearts?

How do you usually handle poor attitudes in your homeschool? You probably could give your right answer or your real answer. Only the Holy Spirit can cultivate true heart change in our children, but He has given us the task of planting seeds for Him to grow.

This is a difficult area to explore because many factors are involved. We must remember to seek Jesus first when training our children with their attitudes. We cannot handle this area of our homeschools on our own.

Seek Jesus first. He can give rest to your heart in the midst.

Write out your prayer as you evaluate, surrender and receive rest with your students’ attitudes.


  • Ask yourself if this area of your homeschool life is currently restful.
  • Ask God to reveal any cues of unrest in your heart.


  • Surrender your efforts to fix the problem.
  • Surrender your expectation of the outcome.


  • Ask God to give you grace and rest in the midst of your current struggle.
  • Ask Him to give you guidance for ONE THING you can do to cultivate rest in this area.

Keep seeking Jesus first!


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