Would you care for a cup of tea?

A simple question. A simple activity. A simple reminder that rest need not be complicated.

Sitting to sip tea is a reminder to my heart: slow down, savor, linger.

Worshiping through tragedy is a hard seed to cultivate. Boasting in your weakness requires determination to plant.

Some days, a simple seed is what we need.

Thank you, Lord, for a simple verse offering a simple seed overflowing with potential.

“Trust in the Lord and do good; Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness.”

Psalm 37:3 (NASB)

Trust – to have confidence, to be secure, to feel safe

In the Lord – Jehovah, the existing One

And do – to make, to produce, to prepare

Good – pleasant, valuable, beneficial

Dwell – to settle down, to abide, to establish

In the land – territory, inhabitants

And cultivate – to tend, to pasture, to feed

Faithfulness – firmness, steadiness

So today, I will be secure in my Lord who is self-existent. I will make moments that are pleasant and valuable. I will settle and simply abide in my territory, my home, with those around me. I will tend to and feed on steadiness.

I will engage in simple acts to remind my heart to settle and abide in steadiness and security.

  • I will snuggle with a child and read a book.
  • I might play a board game.
  • I will sit around the dinner table to talk.
  • I will, perhaps, crochet a bit.
  • I will watch my son’s magic tricks.

I will probably have a cup of tea.

In simple activities, I will plant seeds to cultivate a restful heart.

Today’s Seed of Rest

Settle your heart through a simple activity.

Do something simple. Do something enjoyable. Do something to tend a settled, secure, steadfast heart.

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