Moms…Yes, you can cultivate a more restful heart!

Life might be crazy. But Jesus says, “Come to Me, and I will give you rest.” So rest must be possible! Each day in October, I will post a “seed” of rest. Each seed will be a short, practical, Biblically-based tip to cultivate rest. If you will plant the seed, God will do His supernatural work to make it grow. Over time, cultivating simple seeds or rest will become habit. You will realize that your heart is becoming more restful.

Day 1 – Plant Seeds to Cultivate a Restful Heart (start here!)

Heed the whisper that a restful heart is possible, and commit to planting simple seeds in a journey of small steps.

Day 2 – Grab Hold of Hope

If you feel like you’re drowning and a restful heart is beyond reach, defiantly direct your mind toward truth.

Day 3 – Sit and Be Still

Don’t overlook this simple seed with tremendous possibility.

Day 4 – Boast in Your Weakness

Discover the hidden opportunity in that weakness that disrupts your restful heart.

Day 5 – Worship Through the Tragedy

The trouble in our world tempts us to believe that rest is impossible, but it is not.

Day 6 – Settle with a Simple Activity

Some days, we need a simple seed with beautiful potential.

Day 7 – Live Your Story

Choose to live an abundant life of happily ever now.

Day 8 – Receive the Sabbath

Sabbath is a gift to be received, not a burden to be carried.

Day 9 – Implement a Brain Dump

Take captive the thoughts swirling in your mind.

Day 10 – Overlook the Offense

We can choose rest in our hurts by choosing to cover them with love.

Day 11 – Replace Your Captive Thoughts

Once our thoughts are captive, we need to replace them with truth.

Day 12 – Change Perspective Outside

Sometimes we need a refreshing change of scenery.

Day 13 – Schedule Prayer Stops

If you don’t try any other seeds of rest, please try this one!

Day 14 – Allow Some Space

How a theft led me to needing some space to rest.

Day 15 – Count What Remains

I learned a valuable lesson following the initial shock of theft.

Day 16 – Just Breathe

Some days, intentionally planting seeds feels too exhausting

Day 17 – Be Willing to Be Vulnerable

Vulnerability and knowing we are not alone brings encouragement that we desperately need.

Day 18 – Give Yourself Grace

Holding ourselves to impossible standards will always prevent rest in our hearts.


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