Help your heart return to rest by remember how God has been good to you.We command our souls: Return to your rest.

Thank You, Lord, for this Monday morning reminder. My soul may not start the week restful, but I can return to a place of rest deep within. Rest is not the result of a calm schedule or taking a break. Rest does not occur because life circumstances are easy.

Our souls can return to rest because God has been good. He is good. He does good. He gives good. He never changes. His goodness will follow us all the days of our lives. Remember what He has done to remind yourself what He can and will do. We command our souls: Return to your rest.


Keep desiring to feel a sense of awe.

Father in Heaven, at the beginning of this new week, we intend to keep our eyes on You. But we know distractions will come. Help us, Lord, we pray.

Help us see You in the midst of everything else. Help us be as the early believers in Acts who “kept feeling a sense of awe.”


Pursue a restful heart during a busy week by seeking Jesus first.It’s going to be a very full week. So how am I planting seeds of rest for my heart in the midst of busyness?

SEEK FIRST. I will seek Jesus first each morning. Even if it means leaving something unchecked on my task list. I will seek Him first so that I can trust Him above all.

I plant seeds of rest in the natural and trust the Holy Spirit to produce His fruit from them.

Look for the opportunities surrounding you in the midst of mundane moments.Lord, help me see the opportunities. Open my eyes to the opportunity to connect to heaven in mundane moments. Tug at my heart in the mini-crises to direct hearts to You (my own heart first).

Last week, my ministry was easy to see, 100 homeschool mommas (and dads) gathered to be encouraged and equipped. This week, my ministry will come in moments of cleaning, moments of boredom, moments of complications from the simplicity of living close together.

So Lord, open my eyes to the opportunity for glorious ministry in the midst of my mundane.

A simple strategy to pursue rest that produces huge results.A long task list. Within an unstructured summer schedule. Expectations probably beyond what is realistic. How can I remind my heart to draw near to Jesus?

Prayer Stops. Strategically scheduled throughout the day. Just for a minute. A gentle chime as a reminder to talk to my Jesus about whatever is in front of me.

Laundry? Thank God for our blessings. School plans? Ask for Holy Spirit guidance. Sibling squabbles? Plead for God to change their hearts.

Prayer Stops. My children are watching. “Mom, it’s time for your prayer stop.”

Prayer Stops. Simple moments to pause and be still. Maybe you could try it today too?

Taken from my Instagram posts, May and June 2018.

How can you plant seeds of rest today for the Holy Spirit to produce His fruit in your heart?

You can plant seeds of rest in the natural for the Holy Spirit to produce His fruit in the supernatural.