I circled this verse in my Bible years ago. 

With each new Bible over the years, I immediately mark it afresh. There has been consistency in God’s whispers to my heart in the midst of my struggles.

When I had chronic headaches daily in high school. When I was medically restricted from driving in college. When I battled depression early in marriage. When I sat in the hospital for weeks with a crisis pregnancy.

His compassions are new every morning.

In each season when I pour out my heart, I (at least try to remember to) command my mind to recall truth. (Lam. 3:21) Over the course of many years, it is getting easier to remember the source of my hope.

I remind myself that morning is coming. This current trial will end. I hang on to hope.

But God’s whispers have depeened as I have matured.

I’m no longer looking for morning beyond the current moment. I look for joy in the midst of the trial. I look for compassion in the midst of the pain. I look for rest in the midst of the exhaustion.

I’m searching for morning in the midst of the night.

It’s there. At times, creativity is required to see beyond the current reality. It often requires a focus of hide and seek, an intentional search.

But when I can see a glimpse of morning, my heart can rest.

Are you looking for rest in the future?

Or do you believe you can glimpse it during the current moment?

They (God’s compassions) are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.”

Lamentations 3:23

His compassions are new every morning.

But they never fail, even during seasons of night. So we can always search for them now.

Is your heart feeling the tug of night today?

Let’s search for God’s compassions right now: His protection, tender love, mercy, presence, guidance.

How is He loving on you today?

Look for morning. It is here.

Today’s Seed of Rest

Search for morning in your current night

Identify your current place of night, a place where your heart is not at rest.

Search for the good God is doing for you right now.

Write it down and whisper a prayer of thanks for your current morning.