Wait for God's Word

Do you need protection today from the struggles of life that threaten to attack your heart?

Go to God’s Word. Ask His Holy Spirit to give you understanding. Wait for His Word to unfold.

Rest in your hiding place.




Are you feeling alone?

What waters and fire threaten to consume your heart this week?

We have the instruction to not fear because we have the promise of God’s presence. He doesn’t promise to remove the flood, but He does promise to be with you.

Why? Because YOU are PRECIOUS in HIS sight!




When something in life feels impossible...

A dream that feels impossible. A calling that seems out of reach. A desire that appears beyond hope. A prayer that remains unanswered.

Nothing is impossible. Nothing is beyond hope. Draw near to Jesus, for it is only possible in Him. Wait on Him because His timing is always perfect. Trust and obey in today’s small step as He refines your heart to be ready.

With Jesus, the impossible becomes possible.



What are you praising Him for today?

“Let (us) praise the Name of the Lord, for His Name alone is exalted; His glory is above heaven and earth.” Psalm 148:13

What are you praising His Name for today?







Taken from my Instagram, June 2018

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves the truth we already know.