This secret is for the busy mom who wants to rest but finds it nearly impossible. If you find that your soul is not peaceful, you might need to follow this one simple secret.

Just. Sit. Down.

Yes, it really can be that simple. Just sit. Be still. Stop striving. Even if just for a moment. Physical rest does not ensure mental and emotional rest. But it can be instrumental in cultivating a sense of rest deep in your soul.

Sitting down may not really be a secret, but I often live as if it is. Life gets so busy. My task list is unending. New problems perpetually demand my attention. I frequently realize at the end of the day that I never eat sat down.

An article on “How To Sit” sounds overly simplistic. But since I often spend my entire day on the move, I could use some reminders on how to actually do what I know is important.

Perhaps I am not alone. Perhaps you could use one of the following 10 reminders of how to sit.

Sit down to eat.

Exactly when in history did moms start eating while standing, munching as they work in the kitchen? I really have no idea, but I think it is safe to assume this began recently. Yes, I am also assuming that other moms besides myself eat at the counter rather than the table. If you eat on a regular basis, another safe assumption, then this is a simple way to build a habit of sitting.

As you nourish your body with food, rest in the soul nourishment you receive from physical rest.

Sit down to snuggle with a young child.

Little children want Mom’s attention almost continually. Your day might be filled with a seemingly endless barrage of questions and demands. The next time your hear “Moooommm!”, capture the opportunity. Sit. Snuggle. Remember why you love being Mom.

As you snuggle, rest in the reminder that you do enjoy your calling as Mom.

Sit down to talk with an older child.

Our children will grow up, but their desire for Mom’s attention remains. They might be too cool for Mom’s snuggles, but they still need conversation with you. Rather than sit and talk, be intentional to sit and listen. Ask a few questions, then listen for what is going on their heart.

As you listen, rest in the knowledge that God loves your child perfectly and understands their heart.

Sit down to connect with your husband.

Yes, he deserves your time. Set aside your tasks and sit, just for a moment. My husband arrives home at the busiest time of my day. All at the same time, I am preparing dinner, picking up clutter, overseeing the kids’ chores, and dealing with a myriad of possible interruptions. But those tasks can wait. Or try sitting for a moment in the morning, or at lunch, or in the afternoon, whenever works in your schedule. Make it a habit.

As you sit together, rest in the gift God gave you in this man.

Sit down with a timer reminder.

This has been a transformational idea for me. Smartphones can be so useful. First thing in the morning, I set my reminders for periodic “prayer stops” throughout the day. A great side advantage is that this is my cue to sit down for a minute or two. Really, without a tangible reminder, I might forget to sit until night time.

As you respond to your timer, rest in the truth that God understands your forgetfulness.

Sit down with something to read.

And don’t feel guilty about it. Disappearing in a good book all day might lead you to neglect important tasks like feeding your family. But you can do something to care for yourself. Sit and read something that makes you smile, something that nourishes your soul.

As you read, rest in the example you are giving to your children of life-long learning.

Sit down with social media.

C’mon, you are scrolling through Facebook or Pinterest already. Right? Allow yourself some freedom to sit down and enjoy the perusing. Then after a few minutes, get back up and go about your business of serving your family.

As you scroll, rest in the absence of physical movement.

Sit down for a moment of nothing.

Impossible? Maybe. Just try it. Set a timer and challenge yourself. Can you simply sit still for an entire minute?

As you simply sit, rest in the comfort that God loves you for who you are, not what you do.

Sit down for a moment of thanks.

Sit and observe. Say a prayer of thanks for whatever you see around you. Coffee mug? Yes, offer thanks for coffee. Flowers? Offer thanks for the beauty. Happily playing children? Absolutely. Offer thanks. Dirty dishes? Yes, offer thanks even here. Bellies have been filled. Fussy fighting children? Yes, this too. Offer thanks for the opportunity to offer and receive grace.

As you offer thanks, rest in the knowledge that God’s grace abounds in everything.

Sit down for a moment with Jesus.

There is no better way to spend a moment of sitting than sitting with the only One who can give you the true rest you desire. Jesus invites you to “Come to Me…and I will give you rest.” Just sit and be in His presence.

As you sit in Jesus’ presence, rest in the promise that He will give you rest for your soul.

The only real secret is remembering to do what you know is important.

How will you remind yourself to sit down today?