Happily ever after comes after the unexpected twists and turns, the agonizing struggle and strife, the troublesome conflict and crisis.

Yet in my life, I crave happily ever now.

My life is filled with those twists, struggles, and crises, and I wonder what is wrong with my story line. My heart grows restless as I wonder what if? why me? how much?

Are you content with your story?

  • We compare our stories with other people, and we grow jealous.
  • We compare our stories with desired expectations, and we become dissatisfied.
  • We compare our stories with potential dreams, and we give up hope of happily ever after.

Not to mention the happily ever now.

Were our stories ever intended to be perfect, free of wrinkles and bumps?

“I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”

John 10:10 (NASB)

Jesus talks of sheep and the shepherd, the thief who comes to destroy, and the possibility of abundant life. I hear the word abundant but think perfect. Only recently did the meaning of that word overwhelm my heart as I seek to embrace the story of my life.

Abundant exceeding, extraordinary, uncommon, surpassing, more than, full

There is no promise that an abundant life is an easy life.

But your abundant life is your life. Your life is your story.

How can you rest in the abundant story that is yours to live?

  • LIVE your story – Embrace all the twists and turns, struggles and strife, conflict and crisis. They’re part of your fullness, and even weeping can turn to joy.
  • Live YOUR story – Your story is a gift for you to enjoy and share with those around you. Rejoice that it is yours…even with all its accompanying stuff.
  • Live your STORY – Your story is an essential part of the ultimate story God is writing throughout the world and throughout history. Glory in being part of something phenomenal.

Happily ever after comes in heaven.

Happily ever now comes through a choice.

A choice to embrace your abundant life and whatever fills it.  A choice to live your story.

Today’s Seed of Rest

Consider your story.

What is difficult? What have been your major plot turns? What is your current crisis?

What is beautiful? How might your story be moving toward an eternal happily ever after?

Will you make a choice to live happily ever now in spite of life’s stuff by choosing to live your story well?

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