I have been inspired to try something new. Five Minute Friday is a weekly blog linkup with a one word writing prompt. The challenge is to set a timer for five minutes, write on the topic, then stop. Stopping might be hard. But I’ll try!

Starting my timer…

So, yes, I have been inspired to try something new. But the inspiration did not drop in my mind out of nowhere. I realized at She Speaks 2017 last weekend that I am part of a community of writers. These new friends have inspired me to view my story as part of a much larger story that God is writing. Without specifically saying so, they invited me to join the conversation. Joining Five Minute Friday is one step in joining this conversation.

From this community, I have been inspired:
  • To practice my skill of writing
  • To learn to not overthink when I write
  • To build a habit of writing regularly
  • To join the conversation
  • To seek God more for inspiration
As a writer, I seek to inspire moms:
  • To seek God first every day
  • To set your hope in Him rather than circumstances
  • To believe that rest is possible in the midst of chaos
  • To believe that joy is possible in the midst of struggle
  • To believe that hope is possible in the midst of the mess
And…that’s five.

Apparently, I think in bullets and infinitives when I write quickly 🙂

Have you been inspired recently to try something new? I hope you are inspired to take the brave first step and try it today!

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