In my seven years of homeschooling, I have attended many homeschool conventions with vendor halls. The first time I visited? Completely overwhelming! There is an abundance of resources we could choose, and there are so many good choices.

But when I attended a conference recently? I had a new experience. A calm, quiet heart as I walked through the aisles of the vendors. Even as people approached me trying to convince me why I need their product, I could calmly, politely listen with no anxiety springing up in my heart.

I know my vision for my homeschool. I am open to perhaps adding some new resources, but I have resources that fit my vision well. I am no longer distracted by every shiny new possibility.

What about you?

Are you overwhelmed by your options for curriculum, books, activities? Do you need a friend to give a little guidance? If your homeschool vision if similar to mine, perhaps you will enjoy some of the resources my family enjoys.

What will you trust?

But it is vital that you keep resources in their proper place. They are just resources. There is nothing magical about finding the right curriculum.

You cannot trust a book or curriculum to accomplish in your child’s heart what only God can do.

The Israelites were equipped with bows and arrows, horses and chariots for the day of battle. Yet, King David knew these tools were not the source of victory.

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the Name of the Lord our God.”

Psalm 20:7

As a homeschool mom, you need to be equipped with good tools. But do not be deceived. These resources are nothing compared to God’s power working through one woman (that’s you!) to train a child’s heart and mind.

Are you well-equipped?

Are you trusting in God’s Name for homeschool victory but still need suggestions for how to equip yourself?

I will share some of my favorite resources to perhaps help you choose your tools.

But please promise me one thing.

Always ask God if you should use a resource you are considering.

He knows you. He knows your family. He knows your child. He knows what is best for you. He wants to help you decide.

You and I might use some of the same resources. We will probably use many different ones. Just remember that finding the right curriculum or tool is not the deciding factor of success in your homeschool.

It is God’s power working in our hearts that will impact our children both for this life and eternity.