I tried something new (to me) and have fallen in love with Instagram. Would you join me? Here’s a little glimpse of what I’ve been sharing for homeschool moms on my Instagram.

Dear Homeschool Struggling at the end of another hard day, hard week, hard semester, hard year...Dear homeschool momma struggling at the end…of another hard day, hard week, hard semester, hard year…

Have you allowed life’s harms to overwhelm your heart?

Perhaps you’re still not sure how to teach that one child. Perhaps the chaos surrounding you continues to increase. Perhaps you wrestle, again, with the thought that you’re just not enough.

Will you dare to believe God will take those situations that threaten to unravel you and transform them instead for His good? Your struggle might be the very thing He uses to influence your people for His heart.

“It may seem like harm, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could influence the lives of many people.” Genesis 50:20  

Just remember: You are Amazing. Splendid. Strong. Because He is with you.

Dear homeschool momma swirling in a sea of change...

Dear homeschool momma swirling in the sea of change…

Do constant life transitions threaten to drown your heart and mind?

You found an effective consequence for spitting, but then the lying started. You settled on a stable routine, but then you had to incorporate therapy appointments. You mastered multiplication tables but then encountered long division. You relaxed in the passenger seat beside your driver-in-training but then handed over the car keys.

We need an anchor for our souls in the midst of constant change. “We have this HOPE as an anchor” – A hope that does not disappoint. A hope based on God Almighty who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Draw near to Jesus, the One who never changes, and grab hold of your anchor of His hope.

Dear homeschool momma thinking everyone else has it all together...

Dear homeschool momma thinking everyone else has it all together…

They don’t. But you already know that.

If we could sit beside one another, I could share some stories. And you would, too. Stories to help us remember we have more in common than we realize. It’s easy to forget as we faithfully serve our families in our individual homes.

But do we really want to have it all together? Our imperfections and weaknesses are exactly what allow us to depend on Jesus Himself, the One who truly holds everything together. Wouldn’t it be far better to just be ourselves, imperfections and all, and receive abundant grace? Then we would be filled with the grace we so long to pour out on others.

Taken from www.instagram.com/aimeesmith.writer. Posts from May 2018

What does your homeschool momma heart need to remember today?