Your momentary decisions with your people can either invite Jesus in or squeeze Him out. 

Are you creating space for Jesus in your relationships? Try one of the follow recommendations to invite Him in today.

Surrender your rights

No, people do not always treat you the way they should. You deserve to be treated with love and grace, but that is not what you receive. Recognize how this is like Jesus. He deserved the royal treatment of a King, yet He laid it aside. Surrender your rights, and identify with Him.

Serve without expectation

With no expectations that the other return service to you in any way. That is how Jesus served. So lay down your life in your relationships, like Jesus, and release the potential bitterness when they do not return the service.

Cancel a tradition

Gasp! Yes, stop and think about that tradition you are striving so hard to pull off. Is it promoting love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control? If not, perhaps it would be best laid aside.

Forgive a real offense

Yes, their actions were wrong. They deserve justice and consequences. But Jesus chose to forgive. Choose to follow His example, and realize He is there in the midst of your relationship offering healing for you both.

Surprise with grace

In that moment when someone’s behavior is just plain ol’ wrong, surprise them. Perhaps surprise yourself too. Stop yourself in the moment they expect you to respond with words of anger, frustration, or disappointment. Offer grace rather than what they actually deserve.

Talk about Him

Bring Jesus into your relationships by bringing Him into the conversations. Not a lofty, grand, theological explanation of Him. Just simple conversation about a person, a friend of yours.

Talk to Him together

Yes, praying together might feel awkward at first. But if you want Jesus in relationships, doesn’t it make sense to include Him in your conversations? No need for a long, drawn-out, beautifully scripted prayer. Just talk with Jesus together.

Look into their eyes

Do you see Him? Look carefully and you will realize Jesus is reflected in that person in front of you. He is created in God’s image, a reflection of Jesus. She is growing more like Him day by day.

Ask a question

Then really listen for the answer. Not a simple “How are you?” Rather, an intentional “How are you really?” Express true concern and reflect the heart of Jesus.

Encourage with His Words

Point one another back to the Bible, our true source of encouragement for the days that are a constant struggle. Invite Jesus in by weaving His words into daily conversation.

Choose one way to invite Jesus into your relationships today.
Create space for Jesus by a simple choice.