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Cultivating Restful Hearts in Homeschool Moms


Victorious Rest

Getting Back Up

My heart stopped as the horse fell. My daughter gracefully slid from the stirrups and rolled away. Thankfully, she was fine except for a bit of soreness. But how would she respond? Fear stood ready to rob her of her… Continue Reading →

Parenting In the Midst of Disappointment

I felt her disappointment the moment I read the e-mail subject line. Last year, my daughter was a finalist in a national competition. She memorized an extraordinary amount of material about history, math, science, language. She then recorded a narrative recitation about… Continue Reading →

Dear Homeschool Mom Fretting Over Math Curriculum

Dear Homeschool Mom fretting over math curriculum, Oh friend, I feel your pain! If we could sit with a cup of coffee and chat, we might find that our stories are rather similar. We searched, studied, researched and thought we… Continue Reading →

My Song in the Night

My friend and I encountered conflict the other day. A fly on the wall would have thought the conflict was between us. But it wasn’t. We are on the same side. Even if the conversation sounded the opposite. Anger erupted. And it… Continue Reading →

10 Recommendations to Create Space for Jesus in Your Relationships

Your momentary decisions with your people can either invite Jesus in or squeeze Him out.  Are you creating space for Jesus in your relationships? Try one of the follow recommendations to invite Him in today. Surrender your rights No, people… Continue Reading →

10 Suggestions to Create Space for Jesus in your Schedule

Are you brave enough to admit the truth? Like the Bethlehem inn that was too full to receive Jesus, your schedule is often too full to allow Him space. Ouch. The truth hurts. Stop. No feelings of guilt! There is no… Continue Reading →

How to Foster a Restful Heart During Christmas

A restful heart during the Christmas season… Is it even possible for a mom? Tree to decorate. Decorations to hang. Presents to buy. Presents to wrap. Cookies to bake. Parties to attend. Cards to address. Advent book to read. Jesse… Continue Reading →

My Story: Near Death to Abundant Life

November 13, 2009 The day I received the unexpected gift of nearly dying. It’s a day I would never want to relive. Even more, I would never want my family to relive it. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything…. Continue Reading →

Restful Teaching: Myth or Reality?

Is the idea of teaching from a state of rest an unattainable myth for homeschoolers? Numerous home educators, including myself, have been asking themselves that question. It just sounds too good to be true. Homeschool. Rest. Can those words peacefully coexist in… Continue Reading →

If I Don’t Wake Up Tomorrow…

Yesterday was such a lovely day. Blue skies. Gentle breeze. Hint of autumn.  Early time with my Jesus. Breakfast and morning devotions on the front porch. Slow-paced but amazingly productive. Homemade mini-pizzas for lunch. Reading lessons with my youngest on… Continue Reading →

Ten Restful Thought Patterns for the Homeschool Mom – Part 2

Five thought patterns that have renewed my mind, things I tell myself repeatedly as a home educator, are: Know your why Invite God into your school Limit your priorities Allow the academic gaps Focus on discipleship Read more about those in Part… Continue Reading →

Ten Restful Thought Patterns for the Homeschool Mom

There is rest in repetition. The waves crashed on the sand. Row after row rolled in to the shore. Occasionally, a wave would overtake the one in front of it. The crashing was constant. Another wave was constantly rolling in from a distance…. Continue Reading →

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