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Believe – Restful Homeschool Resolution Day 4

What happens when we pray for something big, but God doesn’t give the answer we want? Maybe He does the exact opposite. Maybe He seems silent. One of my top requests this month has been top on my list for… Continue Reading →

Anticipate – Restful Homeschool Resolution Day 3

January has a bad reputation in homeschool circles. The days are cold, dark, short. The fun activities of Christmas are over. The renewal of spring is still far away. Everyone stuck inside invites the unlovely side of togetherness. Most homeschoolers… Continue Reading →

Pause – Restful Homeschool Resolution Day 2

You must be a rebel. Not a bad type of rebel. But your choice to homeschool defies our culture. When most parents delegate the responsibility of education, you have courageously placed your child’s education on your own shoulders. You research… Continue Reading →

Resolve – Restful Homeschool Resolution Day 1

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions for your homeschool? Start school at a certain time? Read aloud every day? Grade papers before the pile falls over? Get out of pajamas before noon? Better question: Have you given up on… Continue Reading →

One Simple Secret to Cultivate Rest

This secret is for the busy mom who wants to rest but finds it nearly impossible. If you find that your soul is not peaceful, you might need to follow this one simple secret. Just. Sit. Down. Yes, it really… Continue Reading →

A New Beginning

Welcome to my official launch for Rest in the Trench! Yes, I have been posting for 21 days. But now, I am ready to really begin making my dream a reality. Please continue reading below, or read My Special Invitation… Continue Reading →

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