Rest in the Trench

Cultivating Restful Hearts in Homeschool Moms


Seeds of Rest for Moms

Overlook the Offense

An ugly stain taints my carpet. So I did what any good mom would do. Scrub and clean it? No, I covered it with a rocking chair. Company was coming, and there wasn’t time for a good scrubbing. Well, honestly,… Continue Reading →

Implement a Brain Dump

Panic in the middle of the night. I forgot to make the appointment. Did I send the email? We’re behind in math lessons. I didn’t start the dishwasher. How should we deal with that parenting issue? As sleep eludes me,… Continue Reading →

Receive the Sabbath

For six days, I have enjoyed my creative work of writing. Today I will rest. After sharing one quick seed… “Jesus said to them, ‘The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath.’” Mark 2:27 (NASB) A… Continue Reading →

Live Your Story

Happily ever after comes after the unexpected twists and turns, the agonizing struggle and strife, the troublesome conflict and crisis. Yet in my life, I crave happily ever now. My life is filled with those twists, struggles, and crises, and I… Continue Reading →

Settle with a Simple Activity

Would you care for a cup of tea? A simple question. A simple activity. A simple reminder that rest need not be complicated. Sitting to sip tea is a reminder to my heart: slow down, savor, linger. Worshiping through tragedy… Continue Reading →

Worship Through the Tragedy

Just a few days ago, there was tragedy in Las Vegas. Friends and families attended a concert for an evening of enjoyment. Within moments, lives were changed forever. Nearly 60 lives are gone. Nearly 500 injured. Thousands personally devastated by… Continue Reading →

Boast in Your Weakness

I fought my mind and body to stay conscious. As the woozy feeling persisted, I debated not telling the orthodontist. The risk was imminent. I was about to be on the floor. I wasn’t even the patient. How many times… Continue Reading →

Sit and Be Still

The most obvious solution is often the last idea we consider. You want rest and think there must be a mysterious solution. Perhaps you are anticipating extraordinary suggestions in this series. You’re hoping there will be a moment you read… Continue Reading →

Grab Hold of Hope

I’m grasping tightly to my lifeline today. My mind and heart are swirling in the midst of my circumstances. I’m barely on day 2 of 31 posts about cultivating a restful heart, and my emotions tempt me to give up… Continue Reading →

Planting Seeds to Cultivate a Restful Heart

Do weariness and overwhelm settle as a weight within you as the dream of a restful heart hovers just beyond your reach? As a mom determined to love and serve those around you, you crave rest. So you have sought… Continue Reading →

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