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Cultivating Restful Hearts in Homeschool Moms


Rest for Mom’s Heart

If I Don’t Wake Up Tomorrow…

Yesterday was such a lovely day. Blue skies. Gentle breeze. Hint of autumn.  Early time with my Jesus. Breakfast and morning devotions on the front porch. Slow-paced but amazingly productive. Homemade mini-pizzas for lunch. Reading lessons with my youngest on… Continue Reading →

6 Quick Strategies to Receive Rest

“My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” Exodus 33:14 God encouraged the Israelites with the promise that He would be with them and that He would give them rest. I am convinced that God’s greatest… Continue Reading →

Pursue Freedom

“It is for freedom that Christ set us free. (Galatians 5:1a)   We celebrate our freedom as Americans: Life. Liberty. Pursuit of happiness.   We celebrate our freedom as followers of Jesus: Abundant life. Spiritual liberty. Pursuit of joy that… Continue Reading →

How to Endure that Persistent Problem

How well are you handling that persistent problem? You know, that thing in your life that just won’t go away. It’s that persistent problem that is always present. This nagging problem might be related to a relationship, finances, illness, grief…. Continue Reading →

The Art of Lingering

Ah, summer. A time to linger. Linger at the pool and the lake. Linger with lemonade and ice cream. Linger catching fireflies and roly polies. Linger during lazy days and warm nights. At the end of the school year, these… Continue Reading →

You are doing well

Dear Mom, Have you ever wanted to quit? Yeah, me too. Recently. Some days this mom thing is just way too hard. We face the same problems day after day after day. Your child tells a lie, again. Whining abounds… Continue Reading →

Rest for Mom’s Heart: An Introduction

As mom, there is a power I possess in my family. It’s the power to set the emotional tone and atmosphere for my family’s day. Yet, I often resent having this power because I so frequently misuse it. I act… Continue Reading →

Just Stay Calm

I did not plan to write today, but there is a message I desperately need to hear. I’m writing for myself, but perhaps you need the same message. It is quite simple, but oh so difficult. Just. Stay. Calm. Easier… Continue Reading →

How to Effortlessly Be the Best Mom Ever

Do you want to be the best mom ever? Ok, best might be a stretch. Maybe you would be content to be an extraordinary mom and not claim the superlative of best. Perhaps you just want to feel like you… Continue Reading →

What Rest is Not

For the busy mom, rest sounds appealing. But that is not merely because you are tired. You want to live with a heart at rest, so that you can minister to your family and carry out the calling God has… Continue Reading →

2 (not-so-simple) Steps to Cling to Jesus

You want to live with a soul at rest. You understand that growing in rest is a process. So you ask yourself three questions to foster rest. Yes, you see the spiritual battle behind the external battles in your home…. Continue Reading →

3 Questions to Foster Rest for Your Soul

Apparently, something about the words “rest” and “trench” resonates with you. I bet it is more the word “rest” that sounds appealing. You desire to have a deep rest, a deep peace, in your soul. But it seems elusive. But… Continue Reading →

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