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Rest for Home Educators

Rest for your Homeschool Priority

There’s so much to do… At any given moment during my homeschool day, I could choose from at least ten different things to do. Scramble an egg. Swap the laundry. Read with my son. Pick up the Lego. Teach a… Continue Reading →

Rest for Your Homeschool Plan

If I could only… If I could only create the perfect lesson plan… If I could only craft the ideal schedule… If I could only choose the right curriculum… Then, we could have a restful homeschool. Have you ever heard… Continue Reading →

Dear Homeschool Mom Fretting Over Math Curriculum

Dear Homeschool Mom fretting over math curriculum, Oh friend, I feel your pain! If we could sit with a cup of coffee and chat, we might find that our stories are rather similar. We searched, studied, researched and thought we… Continue Reading →

Restful Teaching: Myth or Reality?

Is the idea of teaching from a state of rest an unattainable myth for homeschoolers? Numerous home educators, including myself, have been asking themselves that question. It just sounds too good to be true. Homeschool. Rest. Can those words peacefully coexist in… Continue Reading →

Ten Restful Thought Patterns for the Homeschool Mom – Part 2

Five thought patterns that have renewed my mind, things I tell myself repeatedly as a home educator, are: Know your why Invite God into your school Limit your priorities Allow the academic gaps Focus on discipleship Read more about those in Part… Continue Reading →

Ten Restful Thought Patterns for the Homeschool Mom

There is rest in repetition. The waves crashed on the sand. Row after row rolled in to the shore. Occasionally, a wave would overtake the one in front of it. The crashing was constant. Another wave was constantly rolling in from a distance…. Continue Reading →

How to Be an A+ Mom

School is back in session. My lesson plans are ready (at least in my head if not completely on paper). Notebooks and supplies are clean and ready for a fresh start (well, mostly clean). The long, lazy days of summer… Continue Reading →

Rest for the Home Educator – An Introduction

Home education is not about the children. Well, I suppose it is a little. Ok, maybe a lot. But the longer I homeschool, the more I realize this home education journey I am navigating is not just about my students. It is… Continue Reading →

Favorite Resources: An Introduction

In my seven years of homeschooling, I have attended many homeschool conventions with vendor halls. The first time I visited? Completely overwhelming! There is an abundance of resources we could choose, and there are so many good choices. But when… Continue Reading →

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