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Five Minute Friday

How to Succeed in Today’s Work

What work is on your agenda today? How can you ensure success? Believe that you are the creation of God’s work. Ephesians 2:10a – “For we are His workmanship.” Remember that your work doesn’t save you. Ephesians 2:8-9 – “For… Continue Reading →

Boomerang Encouragement

Love your neighbor as yourself. But do you ever love your neighbor more than yourself? Do you ever encourage a friend with truth but neglect to listen to that truth for yourself? I often hear myself giving advice, perspective, or… Continue Reading →

The Guide as My Master

Who is master? The guide who instructs and directs or the one who follows? Guide – a verb meaning “to lead” Guide – a noun referring to a person doing the leading or a manual giving instruction Guide – a… Continue Reading →

Five Minute Friday – SPEAK

Habits of speaking hold a dangerous power. Sometimes I should just keep my mouth shut. Sadly, only my family experiences the fountain of my spew of words.  I had one of those days recently when I should have stopped speaking…. Continue Reading →

Five Minute Friday: PLACE

The Place of an Altar I can easily lose track of where I am and where I am going in the midst of daily life. Many days, I need a go-to place for a reminder of the vision and calling… Continue Reading →

Five Minute Friday: TRY

“Try Me now in this,” says the Lord Almighty. To try is to attempt or to test, often without high expectations for the result. Perhaps saying we’re just trying leaves the door open for acceptable failure. But when God says to… Continue Reading →

Five Minute Friday: INSPIRE

I have been inspired to try something new. Five Minute Friday is a weekly blog linkup with a one word writing prompt. The challenge is to set a timer for five minutes, write on the topic, then stop. Stopping might… Continue Reading →

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