I fought my mind and body to stay conscious. As the woozy feeling persisted, I debated not telling the orthodontist. The risk was imminent. I was about to be on the floor.

I wasn’t even the patient.

How many times have I encountered this dilemma over the years? My mind and body are weak. I’m embarrassed to even hint at how many times I have passed out over the years. But it is true.

I have a weakness.

I don’t like it. My weakness causes much unrest in my heart. Fear. Anxiety. Insecurity.

What weakness disrupts the restfulness of your heart?

I imagine you also have an area of your heart that you would prefer remain hidden. But the longer you hide it, the further you stray from rest.

When we consider our weaknesses, we can choose to see a hidden opportunity to cultivate rest.


“Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.”

II Corinthians 12:9b (NASB)

Power and rest accompany one another. If you resist admitting your weaknesses, you might miss out on receiving both.

We must admit our weakness to admit Christ’s power. This is another seed, even though it is a hard seed to plant. When we allow Christ’s power to rule in our hearts through faith, we will grow more restful.

So how were power and rest revealed through my orthodontist experience?

  • Christ’s power was revealed through my children’s concern to help me.
  • His love was revealed through my husband’s kind response (and willingness to continue the consultation another day).
  • My heart received rest as I physically recovered from the moment.

Here’s a secret: Writing that list was hard. Searching for power in the midst of weakness requires intentional effort.

And another secret: I have a long list of weaknesses in which I could search for evidence of God’s power. But when I search, I find His power and receive a bit of rest.

How can you see God’s power at work in your weakness?

In our weakness, let’s intentionally search for God’s power so that our hearts can rest.

Let’s boast in Christ’s power that shows up in the midst of our weakness.


Today’s Seed of Rest

Search for God’s power in your area of weakness

First, identify one weakness that disrupts the restfulness of your heart.

Then, consider how God is displaying His power through that weakness.

Write a list – a reminder to your heart to rest as you boast in your weakness.

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