She Speaks…She Writes…Because He Speaks to My Heart…

Attending She Speaks 2017 with Proverbs 31 Ministries was an honor, an adventure, a gift, and a special time with my Jesus.

It was an honor to join a community of women committed to telling their stories to a world that desperately needs to hear God’s truth. It was an adventure for this introvert to spend several days knowing no one among the 700 in attendance. (I’m thankful for new friends!) It was a gift from my mom who believed God would use me to change the world.

It was a special time to hear God’s whisper to my heart:

“You’re doing well, and I am pleased with you.”

Oh, how I needed that whisper.

I am far more prone to hear the lies whispered to entangle my emotions and deter me from my course. It is all too easy to remember my short-comings and neglect to see the victories God is working through me. I many not be perfect according to my own standard or anyone else’s. But my God is pleased with me.

Many words came through the speakers’ mouths, but I consistently heard the same whisper to my heart.

“You’re doing well, and I am pleased with you.”

Live Your Ministry…

In Karen Ehman’s keynote message from the opening session, she declared that all ministry should mingle with relationship. We cannot write or speak in a void from real life. That is when I first heard the whisper. You’re doing it. You live the message of resting in your homeschool trench before you share it.

When I arrived home, I had to cling to this reminder. My primary ministry is washing dishes, mopping floors, hugging hurt hearts, teaching math, keeping my mouth shut when I desperately want to do otherwise. And learning to receive God’s rest in the midst of it all.

You’re doing well, and I am pleased with you.

When You Can’t Do It All…

Seek first.

This title of the first session I attended (with Alicia Bruxvoort) lured me in with great expectations. Wife. Mom. Homeschool teacher. Sister. Daughter. Friend. Classical Conversations team leader. Writer. Speaker. I feel pulled in multiple directions at almost any moment. What do I do when I can’t do it all?

Seek first. Seek first the Kingdom of God. Seek first His Word. Seek first Jesus. I heard the whisper again: You’re doing it. Each morning, in one way or another, you are seeking Me first. It’s not a perfect devotional quiet time. But I do seek first. I ask direction for God’s priority for me for this day.

You’re doing well, and I am pleased with you.

Brave Enough to Keep Going…

I actually skipped this session. I struggle with courage and really thought I needed to hear this message. But I had an appointment with a publisher to pitch my book idea. As I sat waiting for my meeting, I heard the whisper. You’re doing it. This is courage. 

Last year, I received my first rejection from a publisher for my book proposal. It was hard. Really hard. I wanted to give up, but I didn’t. I was brave enough to keep going.

You’re doing well, and I am pleased with you. 

Rest is Worship…

Honestly, I can’t remember who said this. Chrystal Evans Hurst, maybe? Several ladies mentioned their goal is that they be forgotten and only God’s Words be remembered. Mission accomplished here. Despite whose mouth the words came through, it was God’s whisper my heart once again heard. You’re doing it. You chose rest and faith. You trusted Me. 

In my preparations for the She Speaks conference, I chose to cheat. (and follow Andy Stanley’s advice) I left tasks undone that I though should be ready for the conference. Even my book proposal wasn’t complete. But I chose to rest and enjoy my family. I chose to trust God will take care of the detailst. I chose to worship in my rest from my work.

You’re doing well, and I am pleased with you.

Can you hear the whisper behind the audible messages around you today?

You’re doing well, and I am pleased with you.

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