In my human nature, my personality is not characterized by boldness. My tendency is more toward fear, insecurity, and timidity.

That tendency used to spill over into my prayer life. My prayers were hesitant. I resisted asking for fear that I would be disappointed if God did not answer. My insecurity often prevented me from approaching the God of the universe.

Besides, I didn’t really know what to pray other than ask God to help with problems.

So I often remained quiet.

I am slowly learning God did not create me to be fearful, insecure, and timid. I am learning to take God at His Word. I am learning to approach God boldly.

Does my hesitancy and reluctance feel familiar?

I invite you to join me in a bold approach.

“Therefore let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace.”

Hebrews 4:16 (NASB)

Approach God – God! – boldly?!?

Isn’t that a bit presumptuous?

On our own – Absolutely!

Oh, but there is hope for us. Before boldly drawing near to God, we must look back at Hebrews 4:14-15. We must recognize that Jesus is our high priest, the One who fills the gap between us and God. He is the One who gives us access to God Almighty.

We can boldly approach because we approach in the Name of Jesus.


Today’s Heart Challenge:

Repeat a previous challenge.

Choose a previous day’s challenge that was meaningful for you, and repeat. This time, approach God with just a bit more confidence than you did yesterday.

A few suggestions:

Turn up the music and worship confidently. Day 5

Talk to God about your priority needs. Boldly, ask Him to act on your behalf. Day 3

Cling to God’s Name that you are asking Him to reveal to you. Day 4

Today’s Homeschool Prayer:

Life Disruptions

My homeschool history is a series of interruptions and disruptions. In month three of our first year, I was hospitalized for over two weeks with complications in my fourth pregnancy. My nice little lessons plan – even my plan B for school when baby arrived – was thrown completely off course.

Over the past nine years, the disruptions continue. Short-term illness and long-term illness. Celebrations and tragedies. Quick crises and drawn out trials.

No matter the cause, when my plans are interrupted, my heart is tempted to stray from a place of rest.

Jesus is giving my heart rest by changing my perspective of the disruptions. These apparent interruptions actually become my family’s curriculum – the course set before us to build our character and lead us to deeper trust in God.

What life disruptions lead your heart away from rest? When your heart is not at rest, that is your cue. It is your cue to seek Jesus and draw closer to Him.

Seek Jesus first. He can give rest to your heart in the midst.

Write out your prayer as you evaluate, surrender and receive rest with life disruptions.


  • Ask yourself if this area of your homeschool life is currently restful.
  • Ask God to reveal any cues of unrest in your heart.


  • Surrender your efforts to fix the problem.
  • Surrender your expectation of the outcome.


  • Ask God to give you grace and rest in the midst of your current struggle.
  • Ask Him to give you guidance for ONE THING you can do to cultivate rest in this area.

Keep seeking Him first!


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