“You are cordially invited…”
“The honor of your presence is requested…”
“Please join us…”

Doesn’t it feel good to be invited, to be wanted? Well, you are! It would truly be my privilege to have you join me here on “Rest in the Trench”. Together, we can pursue cultivating rest in our hearts and our families by seeking Jesus in practical ways.

Who should join me?

Any mom who can answer “YES!” to any of the following questions:

Do you sometimes grow weary?

Are you just plain old tired? This journey of motherhood is hard. It is ok to be tired. But perhaps there is a cue here for ourselves: a cue that we are not drawing on the Holy Spirit’s power available to us. Rest in the Trench is a place to be encouraged to live in His power.

Have you ever wanted to quit?

Maybe the thought didn’t last long (or maybe it did!) But just for a moment…have you wished you could crawl in a hole and be done with your work?!? I have! Some days, it really does feel like too much. Why? Probably because it is. A God-sized task requires daily dependence on Him. Rest in the Trench is a place to be motivated to persevere one more day.

At times, do you feel unqualified for this task?

Yes again, me too. I know that I am perfectly qualified because Jesus lives in me. But when days get messy, my feelings tell me otherwise. While I am perfectly qualified, I can always use more equipping. Rest in the Trench is a place to seek Jesus in the midst of the mess and trust Him to equip us.

Do you grow discouraged if you cannot implement your plans?

Do your days often look different than you imagined? Yes, so do mine! Plans are good. I love planning! But there can be great purpose in the surprises of our days. Rest in the Trench is a place to be challenged to lay aside our agendas, so we can watch God’s agenda for our day unfold.

Would you like some inspiring ideas to make God’s Word practical?

There is often a disconnect between the Truth of Scripture and the reality of daily life. God’s Word can transform our perspective of every situation. Rest in the Trench is a place to be armed with practical ways to apply God’s Word in real daily life.

Do you want to draw closer to Jesus and lead your children to do the same?

Yes, yes, yes! But I need to be reminded to persist in my daily pursuit. Our children will learn to draw close to Jesus as they watch the model we provide. Rest in the Trench is a place to be reminded to draw close to Him each day, every moment.

Don’t worry. I haven’t figured our perfect answers to these questions either. I only know which questions to ask because, at some point in my twelve years of parenting, my “yes” to the above questions has overwhelmed my heart.

Today? My answer is still often “yes”. Many days, my heart is anything but restful. I can gravitate toward worry, anxiety, despair, fear. And my family? Yes, our days together often look pretty messy. We complain, fuss, whine, argue…get the picture?

But I am learning. I know Jesus, the Prince of Peace Himself. He has invited us to come to Him, and He will give us rest. The key is drawing close to Him day by day. I am learning to lean in to Him and allow Him to transform me. I have tasted something good, and I want more of Him.

I want you to enjoy Him too.

Please join me at Rest in the Trench.

As we pursue Jesus, we will experience the rest in our hearts and families that we desire!