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Hi, I’m Aimee Smith.

Wife to Aron. Mom to 4. Daughter of the King.

Welcome to my little corner of the online world. With an abundance of places you could choose to linger and read, it is a privilege to have you join me.

There is an epidemic among us moms. It is an epidemic of worry and anxiety, perceived pressure to perform and produce, fear that maybe we’re not really enough for our kids.

We are constantly searching for a better plan, better program, better methods. We fall right in line with our busy culture. As a result, we grow weary.

Like all moms, I wear many hats: chef, chauffeur, nurse, teacher, leader, tutor, friend, sister.

As the oldest sister of five girls, I understand the significance of women coming together to encourage one another. So I invite you to join my circle of sisters in Christ – women committed to living out the callings Jesus has given us.

A Life of Tension

Living out my calling is not always straightforward.

As with many ideas in Scripture, there is a paradox. I wrestle with a tension between various instructions Jesus gives me. This site was born out of that tension. My tension between two callings.

1) My Call to a Trench

On one hand, my Jesus has called me to work, to fight, to engage in spiritual battle.
  • He has invited me to do the hard work of of being a mom, with the added work of homeschooling.
  • He has called me to fight for families in the midst of a culture that increasingly devalues family.
  • He has given me marching orders to engage in warfare – Yes, we are in a battle, and it’s not against one another. It is spiritual.

Jesus has called me to a trench: the front line of the battle. This is a place where I engage in both warfare and daily, mundane work. He has a purpose for my life.

2) My Call to Rest

Yet, Jesus calls me to something else: REST
  • He invites me to come to Him, because yes, I grow weary. He promises to give me rest. (Matthew 11:28)
  • He instructs me to be still and know the He is God. He will be exalted. (Psalm 46:10)
  • He encourages me that in repentance and rest I will find salvation, in quietness and trust I gain strength. (Isaiah 30:15)

Jesus calls me to rest because, regardless of the purpose He has for me, He desperately cares for my heart. He wants me to be with Him.

Rest in my Trench.

How can that be possible? If God has said to both work and rest (and He has), then it must be possible.

I am on a search to live in the place where my life is purpose-filled and intentionally restful.

This is not a search for the easy way out. No, I am finding it is really hard. Living in God’s rest requires a heavy dose of faith; faith is built through seeing God work; and I see Him best when He works in weaknesses and trials. Thus, this search is occurring in the midst of my mess.

My messy life is filled with: sticky counters, uncooperative students, chronic illness, tempers, abundant clutter, depression, insecurity.

Does any of my mess sound familiar?

But my joyful life is also filled with: family read-alouds, conversations, crocheting, board games, music, tea time, and coffee on my front porch. We enjoy bike rides, swimming, football, tailgating, gymnastics, hikes, baking, camping, picnics.

My goal is to cultivate purpose and rest in myself and my family in the midst of everything else.

I encourage you to do the same.

An Online Sanctuary

I will be posting weekly about Mom’s heart, family life, chronic illness, and home education. You will find a combination of inspiration, encouragement, and practical application.

My mission is to cultivate hearts at rest and a sense of purpose in families. To do that, I want to persuade you, mom, to cling to Jesus. But I won’t leave you there. I want to help you know how to cling to Him.

My desire is that Rest in the Trench will become an online sanctuary for you. A sanctuary that offers 1) a place protection from the battles of life and 2) a place of worship to your Jesus. Please stop by anytime you need a word of encouragement or a reminder of truth.

Join my e-mail list below so you don’t miss anything. Perhaps there will come a day when the word of encouragement you desperately need is delivered straight to your inbox.

Do you feel the tension?

Will you join my circle of sisters seeking rest and purpose?