Day 20 of seeking God more intentionally than usual. Are you feeling a bit closer to Him that before?

Yes? Then it’s time to rejoice!

It is time to celebrate all that He has done. Thank Him for the ways that He has answered your prayers. Write down a reminder of how He has revealed Himself to you. Reflect on what you have learned. Consider a new way of seeking Him that you have begun to practice. Rejoice that He is able, and He acts on your behalf.

But wait, maybe you’re not really feeling much different than you did before Day 1.

No? Not feeling closer? It’s still time to rejoice!

You see, celebrating God’s goodness is not dependent on what is going on around us. Rejoicing in God is based in Who He is, and He never changes. Sometimes we have to make an intentional choice. Sometimes we have to choose to rejoice. Perhaps it is in these dark times that we can truly appreciate Him for the God that He is.

“The people who were sitting in great darkness saw a great Light, and those who were sitting in the land and shadow of death, upon them a light dawned.”

Matthew 4:16

If we will just open our eyes in the darkness, perhaps we will see the Light brighter than at other times. But we must choose to open our eyes. Celebrating, giving thanks, rejoicing, are ways we force our eyes to see. We focus on the good that God is doing despite the heaviness of circumstances around us. Rejoicing helps us to see.

Sometimes the choice to rejoice requires a stubborn resolve.

Will you make the intentional choice to rejoice today…

Even if the diagnosis lingers?

Even if the grief hangs heavy?

Even if the conflict persists?

Even if your plea for help appears unanswered?

God is always good. His love always endures. His mercies always come new each morning.

Let’s rejoice in Him!

Today’s Challenge:

Rejoice! Write down ten reasons to rejoice.

That might be simple. But will you take a challenge?

Think of an area in your life that is dark right now, and write down ten reasons to rejoice in that situation.

Watch as His Light begins to shine brighter around you, just like the dawn.