Day 12 of 21. We’re just over halfway there. Are you still with me?

While driving on a road trip, the middle of the journey is typically the hardest. Anticipation and excitement fill the beginning. Somewhere in the middle, they fade into the background as the miles seem long. But toward the end, as the destination nears, the anticipation and excitement return.

For me, it’s the same way with a 21 day commitment to prayer. I’m still loving my intentional, focused time with God each day. But for the past few days, there has been an element of pushing through to continue.

This determination to push through is pursuit. I will pursue Jesus.

To pursue is “to follow and try to catch or capture someone or something usually for a long distance or time”. Pursuing Jesus is not a one-time activity. It’s all about daily pursuit. For an extended period of time.

Have you been surprised by some of our daily prayer challenges? Perhaps some haven’t looked exactly like prayer to you. But they have all been about pursuing Jesus. That’s what prayer really is: drawing close to the heart of God.

Perhaps your pursuit of God feels fruitless. You don’t really feel as if you are getting closer to Him. Hang in there! Take God at His Word, and trust in this promise:

“You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.”

Jeremiah 29:12 (NASB)

If seeking God is a game of hide and seek, you win! Because of this promise, you can trust that your pursuit will be successful. Seek God, search with everything in you, pursue Him, and you will find Him. You will get closer to Him.

Let’s keep on going! Let’s keep pursuing! Let’s keeping chasing after God day after day! Pursue. Pursue. Pursue.

Today’s Challenge:

Ask God how He wants you to pursue Him today.

So how are you going to pursue God today? Ask Him, and listen for His quiet answer.

Need some ideas, a little direction for this journey of pursuit? Go back to any previous post in this series, and take the challenge again. Just pick one and pursue.

If you’re new here – Just Begin.

Resolve to renew your commitment to the next 9 days.

Anticipate how God might work in your life by bringing your requests to Him again.

Remind yourself of Who you believe God is, even while you’re waiting for His response.

Worship. Let God hear your voice.

Enter God’s presence by thanking Him and blessing His Name.

Invite Jesus into every moment of your day, every aspect of your life, every area of your heart.

Admit Jesus into your life by admitting your weakness and need.

Express your love for Jesus in a new way.

Just be still in God’s presence.

Stand in the gap for someone else.