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February 2016

Homeschool with Chronic Illness: An Introduction

I have this thorn in my flesh. Physical pain. Physical weakness. Physical fatigue. Unpredictable physical health. My thorn is an autoimmune disease: rheumatoid arthritis. For years, I have prayed for God to heal me. But He hasn’t…yet. The days of… Continue Reading →

Rest for the Family: An Introduction

Personality profiles tell me that I am more task-focused than people-focused. I must admit that it is true. I love, love, love people. But I also like my calendar, check boxes, and to-do lists. There is freedom in knowing the… Continue Reading →

Rest for Mom’s Heart: An Introduction

As mom, there is a power I possess in my family. It’s the power to set the emotional tone and atmosphere for my family’s day. Yet, I often resent having this power because I so frequently misuse it. I act… Continue Reading →

Just Stay Calm

I did not plan to write today, but there is a message I desperately need to hear. I’m writing for myself, but perhaps you need the same message. It is quite simple, but oh so difficult. Just. Stay. Calm. Easier… Continue Reading →

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