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January 2016

21 Days of Prayer-Day 14

For years, I have missed out on a great blessing. But I received that blessing this morning. I have viewed my beginning of the year prayer focus as my time. I wake early, before my children, for extra time in… Continue Reading →

21 Days of Prayer-Day 13

Have you ever been guilty of having a conversation with someone without really listening to them?  Yeah, me too. As a mom, that is something I do way too often. With four children that I homeschool, constant noise and chatter… Continue Reading →

21 Days of Prayer-Day 12

Day 12 of 21. We’re just over halfway there. Are you still with me? While driving on a road trip, the middle of the journey is typically the hardest. Anticipation and excitement fill the beginning. Somewhere in the middle, they… Continue Reading →

21 Days of Prayer-Day 11

Time to be honest. I did not feel like praying this morning. I’m right smack in the middle of writing a 21 day prayer challenge, and the words just wouldn’t come as I tried to pray. Even with a prayer… Continue Reading →

21 Days of Prayer-Day 10

Tuesdays are extremely busy days for me, and today is my first regular Tuesday of the year. I’m sure you understand busy days. But today is still part of my intentional 21 days of prayer. My time with the Lord… Continue Reading →

21 Days of Prayer – Day 9

Expressiveness is not one of my top qualities. I’m not one to cheer and yell loudly at sporting events. I don’t jump up and down with joy when I’m excited. Even though I might feel strongly on the inside, I… Continue Reading →

21 Days of Prayer – Day 8

Admit: “to concede as true or valid”  Perhaps the definition of admit in the Merriam-Webster student dictionary provides a more thorough explanation: “to make known, usually with some unwillingness”. There are many things about myself that I would prefer to… Continue Reading →

21 Days of Prayer – Day 7

Yesterday, I encouraged us to enter into God’s presence by giving thanks to Him and blessing His Name. We can only enter God’s presence because we have been invited. Our invitation is through the blood of Jesus. When He sacrificed… Continue Reading →

21 Days of Prayer – Day 6

Enter God’s Presence. There is no place I would rather be. Years ago, there was a Scripture that I prayed repeatedly. “One thing I have asked from the Lord, that I shall seek: that I may dwell in the house… Continue Reading →

21 Days of Prayer – Day 5

My alarm was not my friend this morning. I’m sure you understand the desire to snuggle back under the covers, for just one more minute 😉  But, today, I did not do it. Part of my fast (denying my flesh… Continue Reading →

21 Days of Prayer – Day 4

What happens when we pray for something big, but God doesn’t give the answer we want? Maybe He does the exact opposite. Maybe He seems silent. One of my top requests this month has been top on my list for… Continue Reading →

21 Days of Prayer – Day 3

I admitted on Day 1 that I do not have a plan for this prayer series. My intent is to simply pray about it and trust that God will answer. He gave me today’s word not while deep in sacred… Continue Reading →

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